Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fool me once...

It has been a long time since I have been as angry as I am today, as I am right now.  I am sure my blood pressure is through the roof and I know that a lecture from my mom about wasted energy won't help. 

Before we decided who to hire to finish the basement, we checked references, we had extensive conversations with the selected contractor and we did our homework.  We are not clueless, we know that it's a business that attracts some less than 'hard working' and 'ethical' people.

Our basement is 85% complete and the contractor is gone.

Yesterday he showed up (to his chegrin, Dan was home) worked for an hour then said one of the guys trucks broke down and he had to go get them.  He would be back.  He did not come back.  All of his tools are gone.  The tools wouldn't be a major issue if there wasn't still a little bit of drywalling left to do.  Clearly, when you take home the tools required to drywall,  you don't intend to finish the job.  In an email late last evening he explained that in fact the guys truck didn't break down, rather they were in an accdient.  Which is it?  Liar.

Now, this seems harsh but please keep in mind this is week four of a two week job.  We have been nothing but accomodating.  Aside from a small ass chewing last week for not being able to finish in time to have the carpet laid, we have been nice.  The first week he started a day late because his dog was sick.  During the third week they took a 'sick day'.  They have not worked for longer than 6 hours with an hour lunch during the entire project.

I am done.

He has not returned any calls or emails today.  He took $350 for materials yesterday that have not been delivered to our house.  I went so far as to change the garage code last night and left a note so that he would have to call to get it.  That way, I would know what time he arrived if he did show up.  No calls.

I am angry.  I am furious that we trusted him.  I am enfuriated that the project is not finished and someone in their peabrain thinks it's ok to just walk away.  It is about principle at this point.  We are fortunately not out much money (if any) and have minimal work left to do.  But again, it is principle. 

He will live to regret the day he decided to bail on us.  In fact, he will rue the day he met me by the time I'm finished with him.

The Best part?  At least we're not out much money... thank goodness.


Aly said...

It's incredibly frustrating when you feel you've been beyond patient with someone, only to have them continue to fail you.

Are you a member of Angie's List? Was this guy highly recommended? I would give him a bad review or red flag him on any & every site possible.

Corey said...

I'm not an angie's list member but am filing a complaint with the bbb and calling his references to let them know he has changed his ways... so freaking angry