Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Food for Thought

So, I have a new subscription to Cooking Light Magazine that I love.  The recipes sound amazing and aren't too complicated.  Granted, they're not your average "throw a frozen chicken breast in a bag with some marinade and grill" 'recipes' but they sound doable. 

Now that I'm going to be home three days a week instead of two I have got to get motivated to plan menus and meals for the week.  Not only does it save the stress at dinner time but it will save some money too.  What happens now is the aforementioned grilled chicken and a veggie.  Booorrrring....

So, why am I boring you with this?  Well, I'd love some new, family friendly, delicious recipes.  AND I feel like if I commit myself on the blog, I have to follow through. 

Or, I could always just copy whatever The 4 Benhams are having!

The Best part?  Yummy new recipes... and new motivation to get organized.

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CaSandra said...

Here's a new one that we're trying this week... of course... it's from Rachel Ray!