Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A day in the life... of a ONE year old!

I decided against a sappy, sentimental first birthday post and opted for just a few pictures instead.

I will just say that I can not believe that Cannon is one. A year ago today we were still in shock that this miracle had arrived, we were parents, and we were more in love than ever before.

It is truly a miracle. One year ago was both the hardest and most wonderful day of my life. We became a family.

So, onto the ONE year old's day. He was greeted by both Dan and I and a rousing rendition of "happy birthday". Fortunately for him, he has no idea that we can't sing yet so he enjoyed this early morning serenade.

A breakfast of a banana (of course) and a waffle followed.

He absolutely LOVES his new wagon so we took a quick spin around the block this morning and even watched the big kids get on the bus (can't even go there yet... wow, if I can't make it through happy birthday without crying how will I handle school?!?!).

After fighting off his morning nap (I am scared he's giving it up...) we got dressed for school (what we call daycare) and headed out. He absolutely loves it there and they love him. It is a perfect fit. He's transitioning into the pre-toddler room from the infant room and so he spent half of his day with the 'big' kids and the rest with the babies.

While at school, Mama went here. A 3 o'clock massage in honor of the work I did a year ago to bring Cannon into our lives (courtesy of my amazing husband... here's hoping the tradition continues!).

A dinner of grilled cheese and a nectarine (he is a fruit feign, loves it!) and then some playing and bathtime. Pretty sure that marks an excellent first birthday!

Everyone always says, "hold onto this time, it goes so fast." Everyone is right. It feels like yesterday that we brought him home. It is absolutely the fastest year of our lives and also the most wonderful. Every day is a new adventure and there is nothing I don't like about being a mom. I love every second. He is our most wonderful accomplisment and the greatest learning experience for our friendship, marriage and love. Happy birthday Cannon!
The Best part? Year 2 starts tomorrow with new adventures! Big birthday party coming up this weekend!

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