Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bitch Please....

Pardon the profanity.

This weekend I had 24 hours of ZERO responsibility and it was magnificent (please note this is NOT what prompted the update to "Planner"). 

The short of the weekend is vis a vis, the following (Friends reference... something I'm considering doing more often): 5 friends, a few pedicures, some shopping, several indulgences, 7 bars, two cab rides, wine, martinis, champagne, vodka, one minor fall, and a million laughs.... oh and did I mention ZERO responsibility? The short is not nearly as entertaining as the long.

I am a sorority girl.  This suprises some people, mostly people who don't really know me like co-workers and colleagues.  I loved everything about being in a sorority.  My alma mater is greek, like really greek.  It's like being from St. Louis and asking where someone went to high school (if you're from STL... I went to MICDS) instead of college.  When you meet someone who went or goes to DePauw the first question is 'what house were/ are you in?'.  No one cares what your major was, where you lived freshman year or what your favorite hot spot in Greencastle is (toss up between East College Lawn, La Chareada, and 911 East Washington).  

In January of 2000, myself along with 30 more or less strangers, ran to a two story brick house with porch swings, shaded by massive oak trees.  On the lawn and in the street and spilling onto Sigma Chi's front porch were 100 other women who would become our 'sisters'.  And some of those sisters would become our best friends.

So this weekend, five of those best friends got really drunk.  Well, ok, all but one (she's pregnant).  We laughed, told stories new and old, and it felt like home.  We are all in different places in life and you would never know it.  It is so refreshing and wonderful to immediately fall back into our friendship no matter how long it's been.

So, we celebrated Nat's baby news and then acted like we were still in college.  We hit 7 bars in Columbus... a piano bar... a martini bar... a nightclub type bar (hated it)... a hole in the wall bar... they all really run together.  And of course ended the night with greasy food and a beer( I never drink beer... and I remember thinking to myself 'liquor before beer...ok, I'll be fine').

A blast.  It was a blast.

The Best part?  Miraculously, no hangover today. :)  


Meggie Dials said...

Love the title, love the pictures, love the stories and LOVED the weekend. SO much fun. Can't wait to do it again hopefully soon!
(Although need to recover first!)

Aly said...

You ladies are so cute! Looks like a fabulous weekend!!