Thursday, August 13, 2009

More than 8 hours is overrated... seriously.

Before Cannon was born everyone, I mean EVERYONE said 'rest now, you'll need it later' or 'enjoy your sleep while you can cause you won't for the next 18 years'. Maybe we're lucky or maybe we're dilusional (it's probably a combination of the 2) but I never really felt exhausted in the weeks after he was born. I mean sure, there were days where a nap would have been nice but I think the newness of a new baby made the exhaustion go away. But, I also think that habits we got into when he was younger (cause he's practically a teenager now) need to be broken.

I really think that waking up before the alarm clock is one of the most awful feelings ever. If it's just minutes before the alarm you just lay there, waiting. If it's an hour you have to decide what to do. I lay there and think "I should get up and get on the treadmill" or "what's going on today" or "Cannon needs diapers at school, how will I remember that in an hour when I get up?". Every morning last week Dan and I both woke up well before the alarm and it got me thinking. We are usually in bed by 10 so maybe, just maybe, waking up before the alarm is our bodies' way of saying 'umm, hello? you're not 60, 7 or 8 hours of sleep is just fine... consider pushing the bed time back just a tad.' Of course, this later bed time is going to bite us in the ass today and tomorrow because Cannon's sick so he slept terribly last night and tonight we have to wake him up twice to feed him before six so he's not starving by surgery time.

The surgery. It's tomorrow. It's minor, just tubes in the ears. I'm nervous but I think that's normal. 10 minutes in and out and hopefully no more earaches. We'll take a few small positive thoughts and prayers. Now if only they could pull his poor teeth in while they're doing it!

The Best part? By tomorrow at this time, we'll all be home and napping :)

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Aly said...

Let me know if they have a procedure to ease teething! We'll sign up in a heartbeat :)

I hope C's surgery goes well tomorrow. we'll be thinking of him.