Saturday, August 29, 2009

... opposite of CONgress...

For a week now we've had some new friends hanging at the house during the day. They keep rigorous, tiring hours arriving no later than 10 am and leaving by 4 with approximately an hour and a half lunch break thrown in. They are the construction crew. I really can't complain though, they are doing a great job and say they're on schedule to be finished with the basement by Friday! They are courteous and occasionally take a lunch break at nap time (although Cannon slept through an entire hour of jackhammering in the floor on Saturday).

So, now that our dining room chairs (that I desperately want to reupholster...) adorn the fireplace, effectively blocking Cannon from climbing on top and Little People and cars constantly clutter the living room floor I am SO ready for this new basement to be finished! I am so excited for us to have more space to play that is kid friendly where we don't have to put gates all over the place or use our rarely sat in chairs as a force field.
Here's a look at the progress so far.

The Best part? In a week, our 'friends' will leave and we'll have a new basement!


Jill said...

The guy we had re-do our kitchen (he's doing work at Aly's, too), used to leave promptly at the crack of 4pm, always saying, "Well, I'd better be going. It's about beer-thirty."

Did great work,though!

Corey said...

And that is what Dan keeps saying "corey, if they were prompt and worked hard, they would have better jobs"... I'm just saying, dont' come to me and tell me you can't finish on time when you work 4 hours a day... but they are doing great work... I just want them gone!