Monday, August 24, 2009

Not Me Monday

Following a fellow blogger I thought I'd make today "Not Me Monday". I can't make it a weekly thing but today there are definitely things I need to absolve myself from responsibility for... :)

It was NOT me who got fruit out of the fridge last night and didn't close the door all the way. Therefore it is NOT my fault all of our food is spoiled this morning.

And, it was not me who let Cannon walk around the entire house with two fist fulls and a mouth full of goldfish--modern day breadcrumbs-- letting Tucker, our out of shape, slightly overweight dog, clean up after him.

And, it was NOT me who spilled powder formula all the way up the steps last night and then asked Dan to vacuum it up this morning--it was either that or let Tucker lick it up all day and that would require the dog to 'play' on the stairs.

And it is NOT me who just realized that I put laundry in the washer yesterday afternoon and just now remembered that it's still in there... requiring it to be washed again.

The Best part? It happens.... life goes on. :)

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