Friday, August 14, 2009

New ears!

Surgery was a breeze this morning. Cincinnati's Children's Hospital Liberty campus is gorgeous, brand new, and everyone was wonderful. There were plenty of toys to play with and Cannon did great despite not eating anything all morning. By far, the hardest part was holding him while they put him under. Tough to describe watching your baby go to sleep in your arms like that and then being wheeled away so that drew a few tears from me. But, literally 5 minutes after they took him away the doctor came in, told us it went great and that he was in recovery!

Cannon and Daddy are napping now. He's teething something fierce right now too so sleep has been hard to come by.

The Best part? Hopefully no more ear infections and surgery was cake! We are so blessed.


CaSandra said...

I'm SO glad that everything went so well! I can totally relate; it's hard putting your kid through pain, even though you know it's in their best interest.

I've had to hold Kensley down, not once, but TWICE, while she was wearing a baby straight jacket for testing... talk about "Worst Mommy of The Year" feeling!

Do you guys use any type of teething tablets? Around here (probably there too) they sell all natural ones that are WONDERFUL!

Let me know if you want me to ship some your way... I'm seriuos... they are like mini chalk-filled miracles!

Corey said...

I've got the teething tablets... but struggle to get them in his mouth! :)
I know how minor yesterday's surgery was so I guess it's good preparation for the future... I mean he's a boy... he's going to break bones... he's going to hurt himself... and that helpless feeling will return...
Have a super shower today!