Friday, August 28, 2009

Define 'grown-up'...

Last week a good friend from high school who is only 1 month younger than I am (you know, the kind of friend who even though you rarely talk and even more rarely see each other you know that when you do see each other it will feel exactly the same as it did in high school?) posted on Facebook (my number one social networking addiction) how much she enjoyed reading the blog and hearing about my 'grown up' life. I love hearing that people read the blog and love this new outlet to share stories, pictures, and philosophies.

Now, onto her calling me a 'grown-up'.

This is the second time in the last few months I've been referred to as a 'grown-up'. The first time was in music class with Cannon when they sang 'wave goodbye to grown-ups to grown-ups to grown-ups...' and I know for a fact I looked to a friend on my left and said, 'is she singing about us?'.

My parents are grown-ups. They drink tea. They read the New York Times. They enjoy classical music. They are perfectly content to sit in ABSOLUTE silence reading for hours. They most likely get their oil changed at exactly 3K miles and they have adult children (and a grandchild). They are for sure 'grown-ups'. But here's the thing, when I was a kid, they were 'grown-ups' then too. Crap.

So, when did we go from two crazy kids in love who stay out late and make bad decisions to 'grown-ups'? When we bought a house? Got a dog? Had a baby? (Those are in order of occurrence, not importance of course!). I just don't feel like a 'grown-up'.

Maybe it's because my part time job is similar to a college work environment where the eff word is tossed around like balls at a baseball game and gossip runs rampant. Or maybe it's because although we have responsibilities, we still joke about stupid stuff and drink too much (on occasion... don't send me the steps or anything). A lot of our friends are parents like we are and I don't think of them as 'grown-ups'. (The more I type it the more it sounds like a four letter word.)

I mean we both have careers. My friend who called me a 'grown-up' has a career too. We are in a committed relationship, so is my friend (in fact her relationship spans more than a decade now). We have a dog, so does my friend. We have a baby (almost a toddler, tear). There it is. When you have a baby, you must become a 'grown-up'. Huh. I wonder who of my parent or soon to be parent friends feel like 'grown-ups'.

Well here's the thing. I am flattered that my high school friend reads the blog and I guess she's calling a spade a spade. I just hope being classified as a 'grown-up' doesn't mean I'm no longer cool (unravel that double negative).

The Best part? Someday my friend will be a grown up too and then we can go to the cafeteria for dinner at 4:30 and play Bridge together.

Love you E.H.. :)


The Mrs. said...

I will never grow up. Ever! You have to keep that feeling so you can be fun with your kids. That being said I am not a friend to my kids...I am a MOTHER. I am not rocking a micro mini or anything but I keep the playful spirit alive!

Corey said...

Totally agree! I think it's the words 'grown' and 'up'... but life is wonderful so I guess being a grown up isn't that bad :) No micro minis for this mama either :)

Anne and Mike Field said...

I definitely don't feel like a grown up. Of course, I am still adjusting to feeling like a mom. Recent conversation between my mom and me:

Me: I can wear my pre-pregnancy jeans. By that I mean I can zip them up, but I have a muffin top.

My mom: You might just need to get some higher waisted jeans.

Me: Eww, gross, Mom. I'm not wearing Mom jeans!

My mom: Well, you are a mom.

Me: Hmmm.

Corey said...

a) you are amazing for being able to wear your pre-preg jeans! I am still fighting that damn muffin top...
b) mom jeans, I would sooner wear sweats
c) so glad I'm not the only one who doesn't feel grown up :)