Thursday, August 6, 2009

Days like this...

Before we had a baby I could not possibly imagine filling a day with things other than work. Now that I work three days a week, I find that I cram so much into the two days during the week that I don't work that by 8 at night I am exhausted! Here's what today looked like (you'll notice at no point did I get a shower):

Got up, made Cannon a bottle, changed his diaper, fed him the bottle in bed while watching the mornings headlines.
Came downstairs, fed him breakfast, sucked down some coffee.
Took Cannon to Walmart for groceries.
Got home in time to put Cannon down for his morning nap.
During the nap I put groceries away, cleaned the baseboards, vacuumed, dusted the bedroom and put laundry away.
After the nap we went to Sams, Meijer, and the liquor store.
Came home, had lunch with Dan.
Went to the car wash.
Home to feed Cannon a bottle and put him down.
During this nap I mowed the lawn and started making pesto.
Got him up and while he played I made pesto and worked on dinner.
We took a 3 mile walk (on the walk I mentally planned some big weekends we have coming up while holding a 'babbling conversation' with Cannon).
Came home, another bottle and more play.
Late afternoon naps don't come very often but one did today so I took it! While he slept I prepared dinner, then he got up, the guy came to give us an estimate on the basement. We had dinner, played for a bit then it was bath time and time for a bottle.

So I write all of that and then think of all my friends who will read it and roll their eyes (rightfully so) because they're juggling not one but TWO or THREE kids during a day!

And, what's even more interesting is that I was able to check my email and facebook page several times during the day... so I guess there's always room for more :)

The Best part? I am pretty sure I could juggle all of this with another baby or two and now that I was so productive, we can relax and enjoy the weekend!!!!

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Unknown said...

I'd like to see you add 2 or 3 kids in there as well! Fat chance you are that productive bc they don't sleep at the same time!!