Friday, July 24, 2009

Walk this way...

It's official. Cannon is walking. Granted, crawling is still much faster but in the last week he has gained so much confidence and just goes for it. Below are his first steps from a week ago. I cried.

Almost 11 months ago we knew nothing about this little boy. He just showed up (that's really downplaying what was an intense, miserable, epidural-less 20 hour labor) and we fell in love but he was a stranger to us. To watch his personality develop has been amazing. Everyday he does something new and it is such an adventure. I am certain he gets his carefree, almost always happy disposition from Dan. I hope he gets all of Dan's qualities and grows up to make someone as happy as Dan has made me (the closer to his birthday we get, the sappier I get).

We have a babysitter tonight and we're going out. Some friends are throwing a 'goodbye house' party. Looking forward to it!

The Best part? Everyday we get to know our son a little more.

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