Monday, July 27, 2009

Behind Blue Eyes...

I am brunette. Always been brunette. Most brunettes have brown eyes. I have brown eyes. Dan is brunette (or the male version of the word brunette... sounds so feminine). Dan has brown-ish eyes. Neither of us is even close to blond (except for a bad experience with "Sun In" in the 90's).

And then there's Cannon. His hair will definitely be dark (if he ever gets hair), but the eyes, I'm not so sure. For the first eight, even nine months, everyone said, 'they'll change'. But now, as we quickly approach his first birthday, I'm pretty sure the blues are here to stay.

What's cool and wonderful about Cannon's blue eyes is that they come from two generations away. Neither my Mom or Dad, nor Dan's parents have blue eyes. But both of my Grandmothers have or had blue eyes and Dan's late paternal Grandmother had blue eyes. To me, this is not only amazing but a wonderful trait for him to carry on.

Cannon's blue eyes have seen nearly a century's worth of the world. They've seen wars and strife. They've seen new life and lives lost. They know love, sadness, joy, and laughter.

What a joy it is for my Grandmother to know that her Great Grandson has her eyes. And I know that my late Grandmother is smiling down at him, through her baby blues. I can only hope that I will be able to pass on to Cannon the wisdom, and guidance my Grandmothers passed onto my parents and then to me.

And maybe, just maybe he'll pass that wisdom, generations old, along to his children. And maybe even those blue eyes too.

The Best part? Blue or not, we are getting to see the world through a whole new set of eyes.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Talk Dirty to Me

Before we had a baby--and most of our friends had babies--conversation was different. We would spend a night enjoying wine and conversation. Usually there were two conversations divided between genders (for this reason the girls sit on one side of the table, the guys on the other... it's like a 7th grade dance). The guys might talk about the latest work strategy or why the Reds just can't seem to win a game. The girls would gossip, chatter about celebrities or share funny stories. This would go on for hours and bottles. It would result in laughter, shock, surprise and always fun.

Oh what a difference a year makes.

Until you are parents poop is not a dinner party friendly topic. I would never have dreamed of bringing up 'number 2' prior to being a mom. Now that we are parents though almost inevitably the conversation at some point in the evening turns to poop. I don't know how we get there but it happens 99.9% of the time. What's even more interesting is that as soon as one parent brings up poop habits or consistency (yes, it's disgusting) someone else always chimes in ready to share and compare. Also interesting is that poop conversations cross gender lines. The conversation is no longer divided as moms and dads chime in with strategies, anecdotes, and tales of disaster. I suppose when our children are teenagers we'll discuss ways to keep them from doing the things we all did.

The Best part? At least when they're teens we won't have to change diapers (hopefully).

Friday, July 24, 2009

Walk this way...

It's official. Cannon is walking. Granted, crawling is still much faster but in the last week he has gained so much confidence and just goes for it. Below are his first steps from a week ago. I cried.

Almost 11 months ago we knew nothing about this little boy. He just showed up (that's really downplaying what was an intense, miserable, epidural-less 20 hour labor) and we fell in love but he was a stranger to us. To watch his personality develop has been amazing. Everyday he does something new and it is such an adventure. I am certain he gets his carefree, almost always happy disposition from Dan. I hope he gets all of Dan's qualities and grows up to make someone as happy as Dan has made me (the closer to his birthday we get, the sappier I get).

We have a babysitter tonight and we're going out. Some friends are throwing a 'goodbye house' party. Looking forward to it!

The Best part? Everyday we get to know our son a little more.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Small Victory...

Thanks to unseasonably cool temperatures (I would like summer to come back) this morning, I pulled out some jeans. Not my designer 'skinny' jeans (not skinny like tapered, skinny like they fit when I'm skinny) but a nice pair of Gap jeans. The last time I put these jeans on, they fit but they were snug. Muffin top snug. So, this morning, I pull them on, noticing that they're roomier in the thigh and as I button and zip them there it isn't! No muffin top!

Now my friends and others (including my 2 followers) may judge. I would judge. I am a judger and I am friends with judgers (as Natalie would say 'When you judge others, you judge yourself'. I don't care). Pregnancy for me was an excuse to eat what I wanted. I gained way too much weight (I don't even know how much because I stopped looking, and then after Cannon was born I asked how much and the doctor's office couldn't find it. I took that as a sign that I didn't need to know). I (I should say we, Dan and I) ate ice cream several times a week. My workouts came to a screeching halt at 12 weeks and I was lazy. I was pregnant, fat, and lazy. I regret it now. Because now, as Cannon approaches his first birthday I am finally to the point where my clothes are starting to fit like the used to. I still have 5 pounds (and I know exactly where it is) that I need to shed.

It has taken much longer than it should for me to lose the weight and the reasons are many. I refuse to quit drinking. I have a love affair with wine and with each glass, I love 100 calories. I don't/ can't workout 7 days a week. I love food. So to say that I haven't exactly 'put my mind' to losing the weight is fair. But I am confident that by Cannon's first birthday I will be back in the skinny jeans, sans muffin top. My body of course, will never be the same but he's worth it.

I also learned a valuable lesson from my post pregnancy body. Before I got pregnant, I was not fat. I had a great body and wish I had valued it for what it was instead of constantly feeling fat. Rest assured, when I get my last five pounds off, I will value my body. The other lesson of course is for when we decide to have another baby. It is not an excuse to gorge, ice cream can be consumed once a week (instead of daily) and enjoyed, and the "I'm eating for 2" line is bullshit.

The Best Part? This little boy makes the weight and post baby body feel like badges of honor.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm doing it...

For months, I've read blogs, stalked blogs, passed time at work reading others' blogs. I've decided, at the urging of Vogts, to create my own. I've toyed with the idea for a while but always come back to the same conclusion: who the hell wants to read about what we're up to? Well, I guess we'll find out. I love to write, I love to talk, I love to write and talk about our family so it could be a good fit. We'll find out.

Today was spent in the news world (Wednesday is thankfully my Friday). We've been covering a case for a while of a 28 year old man convicted of murdering his wife. I've covered hundreds of murders and this is not your 'typical murderer' (if there is one). It's a middle class, suburban guy who looks like he could be a PLU (People Like Us). The evidence was scarce and the guilty verdict surprised a lot of people. The community support for his family since he went to prison has been overwhelming. Today, he got a new trial. He's no longer guilty of murder, he's charged with murder and is innocent until proven guilty. His guilty verdict was thrown out and the prosecution has to start again. Whether or not he did it isn't for me to decide. What I'm always taken by is his mom. I can not imagine watching my son go to prison for something I truly believe he did not do. It would be a heart wrenching journey and would take great strength and character. The journey has clearly taken it's toll on her but the motivation to seek justice for her son is the driving force. On the flip side, my heart breaks even more for the family of his late wife who may or may not have been murdered at the age of 28. Their pain is unimaginable.
I hope myself nor anyone I know ever has to experience anything close to what they are experiencing.

The Best part? I have the next four days with Cannon and Dan. Can't ask for more.